Monday, February 18, 2013

Heading Up The Mighty Mississippi

We've made the decision to forego the land expeditions and take the Frankie Anne III upriver a bit and head into the sticks from there. The Hooligan needs some engine work and I've got  the Hansen Brothers working on that while we're under way.

Runt, who apparently grew up with very few clothes (2 pair of underwear in 20 years??) and has lived his entire life without ever owning a shirt was thrilled to receive his very own Gill McFinn's East Texas Red Thugfish shirt the other day. The fish seemed appropriate for our tough little man. He's a scrapper, that's for sure and is fitting in well.
Horned, Snaggle-Backed Gatorlizard

So, things are going rather smoothly for now, not much to report. Powell's been checking out the critters that inhabit the banks of the southern Mississippi and has been sketching away. He's found some strange critters here and there. I was really surprised that he came across the Horned, Snaggle-Backed Gatorlizard the other day. They're not easy to come by. The little boogers are only 6" long thank God... any bigger and they'd take off your arm.

Mississippi Mudtoad
Spotted Snake-necked Snorklenose Terrapin
Another funky little guy you find in these parts is the Spotted Snake-necked Snorklenose Terrapin. A rather neurotic breed you find around here along with the Mississippi Mudtoad. I have no idea what their problem is but one look at these things and you can see they could use some therapy sessions.

So, that's the report for today. I'll let you know what we find up ahead. In the meantime, I'm going to try some casts for Channel Cats and whatever I can catch. I think I'll start out with a Pork Plugg....

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